Our Process

Our team at Tidal Drafting & Design works directly with you, the client, to take your inspirations and craft them into a realized 3D design. Our design process is in place to ensure that we achieve your visual wants, budgetary requirements and structural needs.

Step 1: Meeting

Every design begins with a conversation. We will discuss your initial ideas and your budget, either in person or over the phone. This first conversation is an important step in establishing your relationship with our Designer and setting your expectations moving forward.

Step 2: Preliminary Plans

We get to work creating your first round of plans for you! This is a multi-round process. All plans come with a simplified floor plan and 3D visuals of the exterior and interior of the home. This first round is based on discussions from the first meeting as well as any sketches and inspiration images you’ve provided. The goal of this first round is to get as close as we can to the finished product you desire and to provide you with a solid platform moving forward. We gather feedback, changes and adjustments from you and proceed with the second round of plans. We need to ensure that the final product we reach is right for you! Our designer will discuss the plans and changes with you, as directed by you, until we have received confirmation that the design has met your expectations.

Step 3: Final Plans

We complete the technical drawings to secure permits, estimate construction costs, and build your project. These technical drawings include a foundation plan, detailed floor plans, roof plan for estimation, elevation views, section views and applicable structural details. We also include door, window and siding schedules as required. Lastly, we include 3D visuals of the exterior and interior of the home to provide your builders and estimators the design of your finished home. If your project requires and engineer, we will work directly with the engineer of your choice on your behalf to ensure that the adjusted engineered components are accounted for in our final round of technical plans.